Friday, 20 April 2012

blog assignment

Posted by Faten Hanani at 13:02

Introduction to ICT assignment - make a BLOG ! just because I have my own blog, I thought I can handle it well ! but now, I want to!! Even there's no new entry for weeks such a lazy girl I am ! *nodding.

my beautiful ICT lecturer told a few requirements that she want us (students) to fulfill and completed it in the blog ! nice ! nice !

in a blog , must have :-

1. details about yourself
2. shout box

3. posts about
- artist
- food
- sports
- hobbies in Kirkby
-Maulidur Rasul
- English Day
- Deepavali


http://www.emocutez.comactually is not that shocking because , it's something that related to us and we know how to twist and turn it too be such a cool post ! and yes I don't have that ability in me !


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