about me

My name is Faten Hanani bt Fauzi. Alive with a cry on 3rd August 1993 and its on a wonderful day of Tuesday.It was an excitement to my parents as my elder brother and I gap 7 years in age and also healed the lost of my twin brothers 3 years before me.

my parents named me fatEn with an 'E' instead of commonly 'I' because I'm not that 'thIn' since baby. I weighed 4.3 kg when my mummy gave birth to me

I have 4 siblings.I'm the second last and youngest girl in my family. That's can explain why I am such a crybaby and acting immature even though I still have a younger brother. owh well , guys need to act cool and macho.

all my siblings' name start with 'F' to make it double 'F' with my father

my family for me is 
  • F - Fantastic Friends 
  • A - Amazingly Active 
  • M - Magnify Magnificent 
  • I - Inspiring Innate
  • L - Love unconditionally
  • Y - when YOU/I think that YOUR/MY family is the best FAMILY in the world 

 as I grow older with time , I have my ambition too. Since kids, I want to be a doctor and always pretend that I am. Who am I to doubt ALLAH's plan ,we plan but ALLAH is the best planner. I'm quite upset with my SPM result as that is the main qualification reason that I can't further my study in medicine and become a doctor, fulfill my mother's dream of at least one of her kids is a doctor.

this is not a 'bragging' part instead a lesson to me. I never got a B in my Physics though it's not my favourite subject. In SPM, I thought I did quite well for my Physics but surprisingly that subject vanished my dream like a thin air. I got a C and instantly my chance of hope flatten

because of the wound *maybe, science stream subjects looked so hard and complicated. I took the first step of taking chances as pursuing my study in USIM and become a Tamhidian of Science and Technology. Nonstop quizzes and tests , labs reports , numbers that never fail to kill me and packed tutors & lectures really make me want to raise the white flag. In mind,because 4 out of CBT in USIM too and they always behind me, make me stand in my own feet even with their 'push'. 'keep strong' spirit that I blew to myself everyday to keep me standing fluctuated to an end.

I cried during Biology lectures when I got a message from BPG said that I am chosen as one of the second intake for KPLSPM. I called mummy and told her, can't talk only tears fall for no reason because be a teacher is never be in my future list job

now I'm studying at Kirkby International College, Cyberjaya. I'm taking Teaching English as Second Language (TESL). In 5 years, I have to prepare myself mentally and physically to portrays myself as a good English teacher.

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