Saturday, 28 April 2012

English Month - Debates

Posted by Faten Hanani at 10:22

There are debates and story telling competition inter-class
for English Month !

as for debates, A2 need to have 2 groups 3 students representatives!

English Month closing ceremony held on 25th of April !
in that ceremony, Madam Diana announced 3 debaters that out shined the others,
they are Faiqah (A5) , Amal (A3) and Coreen (A4)

while for story telling, story tellers that gave the best story also been announced
they are Zafirah (A2) , Jannah (A3) , Fanvian (A3)

for FROSTIES debaters, we already did our best !
may be luck was not on our side !
CONGRATS to NIK ZAFIRAH, she really did portrays a good story !

A2 First team

A1 debaters
the game began
A2 represented by Aliff , Evelyn and Adila
A1 - sasniza , yuga , rubi

the topic that they got was : Punishments in school is it good or not ?

second team of A2

team from A5

A2 - ida , afif , aman
A5 - usharani , fiona , nazariyah

Topic : Are advertisements good?
Disclaimer : the real sentence of the topic were different
becuase I just write what I understand from it

the time keeper
we're still support A2 no matter what ! hee


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