Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sport 1 - pingpong

Posted by Faten Hanani at 11:17

I'm not an athlete but I do play some sports ! I play table tennis or pingpong because of my family. my mummy, who is the first person to introduce this sport in my family. back days, she was a pingpong coach for her school's pingpong team. Then I figured out that all my family members can play this sport really well except me. Consequently in weekends, I got special training with my mom to polish my skill if I want to beat the rest.

we made 'family' match among us. Feeling of win a game over your dad is may the best but that's not the only think that I seek for. Tighten the bonding with family and spend spare time with them are more prioritize to

miss my teammates so much !

In secondary school , I represented my school zone. This picture above was taken at Kelantan Islamic Foundation (YIK). We compete with other representatives school zone all around Kelantan. As promise to our coach, we managed to get the gold medal. Yahoooo ! Due to SPM was just around the corner, I'm not be able to represent my state on that year.

Now, I cannot play pingpong all the time and skills fade away by


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